The Story of                     Joseph Patterson             (1793-1879)
An intense genealogical study of Joseph Patterson (1793-1879); his parents, and many of his descendants. Each chapter includes biographical data, deeds, census reports, wills, estate settlements and other documents and narrations. Family group pages are included linking these men and their families to hundreds of other Patterson families and their 'married in' relatives. Additional chapters include photos of living generations without biographical detail.(Author's Note: while you can buy this on Amazon, I suggest, for the time being, that you don't buy used copies.  They are the original 2013 version and not the Revised 2015 Edition)
The Story of        Seaborn Daniel    (1829-1905) et al
A 'straight line' genealogy research workbook beginning with Richard Daniel, born about 1773 in North Carolina and going down thru 1st Sons, via his son, Burgess; Burgess' son, Seaborn; Seaborn's son, John 'Bird'; John Bird's son, Jesse Richard' and finally, Jesse Richard's son, Lindsey Lee, as well as Lindsey's sister, Mabel Paige.Includes: U.S. Census, Bible, deeds, court & tax records, wills, marriage documents, photos & obituaries. Also included are three sub-chapters regarding related families including: Mooney, Winsett & King.

Books Authored, Edited & Published by Clay Patterson, FSA Scot

Books Edited & Published by Clay Patterson, CPG, FSA Scot

The Story of  Rev. Guy Smith   by Sue Parks Patterson
Some of the descendants of Rev. Guy Smith (1675-1720) and their kin on America's frontier. These families include, among others, those of Col. Richard Callaway (1717-1780), Haynie Armstrong Gilliland (1811-1864), James Hennigan (1811-1876), John S. Jones (1812-1870), Abram A. McCain (1826-1867), William McClellan (1748-1800), William Parks (1808-1881), Alexander Jefferson Patrick (1794-1872), Guy Patterson (1887-1976). Bowker Smith (1723-1768), Bird Smith (1761-1815), Col. John Smith (1701-1775), and Stephen Trigg (1742-1782). Narrative of historical events within these families; family group charts; many documents, military rosters and letters.  (Editor's Note: while you can buy this on Amazon,please note that the New Edition w/Black & White photos is $20, while the original Edition w/Color photos is $63.  They are the same book, only photos different.)
The Story of  John Gilliland     by Sue Parks Patterson
They lived American history from the memorable Battle of King's Mountain during the American Revolution, where John Gilliland and the other 'Over the Mountain Boys' helped thwart the British invasion of the southeastern colonies, to the War of 1812 where Eli Gilliland served with the later famous David Crockett, a sergeant in Eli's company, to the Texas Revolution in 1836 where James Eli Gilliland participated in the San Antonio Expedition, the opening salvo of the fight for independence. The Gillilands, like other Scot-Irish families, suffered illnesses, the death of family members and other events which tested their minds and souls, but they continued seeking economic opportunities for themselves and for their families and determining their own destinies.   (Editor's Note: while you can buy this on Amazon,please note that the new Revised Edition w/Black & White photos is $20, while the original Edition w/Color photos is higher.  They are the same book, only photos different.)
The Story of  Military Actions   by David C. 'Cleve' Smith
During the winter of 1863-64 Confederate General James Longstreet attempted to wrest control of Knoxville and East Tennessee from the Federal Army during the War Between the States. Army officer's battle reports from the many Volumes of 'Official Reports of The War of The Rebellion' have been added to the author's own research of each battle site location and digging of relics to bring this campaign up close and personal for the reader. Battle tactic maps, photos of battle and camp sites, photos of hundreds of relics found on site, biographies of the leaders of both sides, as well as the personal insight from a man who was born and raised among these skirmish locations. Include some heart rending personal stories of the soldiers themselves and you have an incredible 'better than fiction' account of the Campaign to Nowhere. (Editor's Note: Originally published in 1999, this book has been completely remastered with improved photos and maps.)