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RoseCrag Publishing, along with RoseCrag Genealogy, offers our clients any or all of the following:
     Family Genealogy Research,
     Writing a Family History,
     Editing Formats & Transcripts, &
     Publishing a Family History 

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  • Family Name Histories, Armorials, Clan Histories & Anniversary Bonds?
  • Genealogy research, Family Story Writing, Publishing?
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See our Collection of Family Name Histories compiled from European Immigrants to North America in the 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries. Compiled by the Swyrich Hall of Names in Kingston, Ontario, we present the leading source of name origination history, examples of early immigrants, and Oldest Known Coat of Arms for over 500,000 Surnames.
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 Clay Patterson, CPG, FSA Scot, has written and published three books:  "Patterson, A Scots-Irish Family";  "Daniel, A Scots-Irish Family"; and Tredenick & Romine.  All are Straight-Line genealogies starting with an ancestor born in the 1700s and going down from son to son to son for seven generations.  Clay has also edited three
books for established authors, including:
"The Circle Goes Unbroken" &
"A Scots-Irish Migration"
by Sue Parks Patterson.
Also, "Campaign to Nowhere" by David 'Cleve' Smith
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